Organic Cotton and Natural Latex Mattress

organic latex mattress


It’s really not easy finding sustainable plastic-free products in Ireland. It’s still a niche market and
I spend way more time than I’d like to admit hunting down ‘healthier’ alternatives to synthetic, chemical-laden mainstream offerings. One area that’s proven to be particularly tricky is the area of mattresses but after a huge amount of research I was delighted one made by an Irish company in Ireland from natural latex, lambswool with an organic cotton covering.

The Natural Sleep Company are based in Limerick and have been making mattresses for over 30 years and supplies both to shops and hotels. They do a range of mattresses but it was their Nature’s Touch mattress that I was most interested in. It is pocket sprung, which is the longest lasting type of construction, with internal layers of lambswool and natural latex*, and a covering of organic cotton. Unfortunately it’s not entirely natural as synthetic foam is used to support sides, also the organic cotton used is not certified, which is a real shame but then maybe it’d put up the price if it was.

They’re mattresses aren’t cheap but anything that’s good quality isn’t and personally I think if you’re going to invest in something it’s worth investing in something you’re going to spend up to a third of your day on. I think their prices are quite reasonable personally, especially compared to other top quality mattresses, for example the king size Nature’s Touch mattress retails at approximately €1699.

Their website includes a list of retailers around Ireland I want to give a shout out to Dolphin Furniture in Ballyfermot, D10, who we bought our mattresses from. Not only were their mattresses very well priced, they provide free delivery and took away and recycled our old mattresses for free. I’d highly recommend them and in case you’re wondering, this post isn’t sponsored by the Natural Sleep Company or Dolphin Furniture. I don’t think I’d ever be comfortable doing paid reviews. I just don’t believe it’s possible to stay objective if you’re getting paid either in cash or gifts.

Blog Awards Shortlist

BTW I’ve just been told by email that I’ve been shortlisted for this years Blog Awards. I’m soooooo excited. The more rounds I get through the more exposure the blog gets, and hopefully that leads to more of us living sustainably 🙂


*Latex is produced from tree sap and therefore should be compostable or at least biodegradable, but I would imagine that the latex has been treated with some chemicals so I’m not sure I’d want to put it on my own compost heap. I contacted Eco Mattress recycling and unfortunately they informed me that natural latex is processed the same as synthetic latex, which is incinerated by cement industry instead of oil  😦




Self-Sufficiency and Jam

The Good Life

Maybe it was that quirky TV sitcom from the seventies; The Good Life, that led to my hankering for a life of self-sufficiency. It’s a hankering that’s existed for the longest while and one I feed frequently with articles about growing your own fruit and veg, preserving it through the winter and stocking your own pantry with all manner of homemade paraphernalia. Of course this has never actually translated into reality. I have skirted around the edges of self-sufficiency with great aplomb, but actually living off the land completely doesn’t really sit with my very cosy suburban life.

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My Sanity Saviour – Knitting and my Knitwit Friends

Rainbow Wool

I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for over a year without mentioning what has become a cornerstone of my life. I joined my first knitting group about 4 years ago during the winter months. Seemed like a good way to keep these gardening fingers busy while the garden was snoozing. Little did I know how much I’d benefit from the therapeutic click-clacking of needles in the warm and supportive bosom of fellow knitters.

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Greening our Way back to School

Green Schooling

I’m so disorganised this summer. I haven’t sorted out school uniforms or shoes and I’ve only just ordered school books. I think I’m in denial that the summer is over. Where on earth did it go this year? Never mind, it’ll all sort itself out and if my kids have to wear last year’s uniform for a couple of weeks, well so be it. Might mean I get pre-loved ones or new pieces at half-price!

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Minimalism, my way

Minimalism Detail

I’m very late with my blog post this week primarily because I’ve been knee-deep in DIY for the past two-week and only just got finished at 1am the morning carpet was being fitted. We’ve been living in this house for 8 years and had the 40-year-old carpet ripped out when we installed a new heating system 7 years ago. It’s taken us that long to fit a new one, for lots of reason. Now we’re the proud owners of the most sustainable carpet our budget would allow; an 80 % wool 20% nylon carpet laid on underlay made from offcuts of furniture foam. We considered getting a 100% wool carpet or one made from another fully biodegradable fibre but they weren’t as hard wearing as 80/20 wool/nylon blend and when we install carpet we do so for life. This is the carpet people will be spilling tea/whiskey on at our wake!

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Sustainable Ethical Shoe Brands – Updated 19th September 2017

Ethletic Trainers

I find buying sustainable, ethical shoes in Ireland an absolute nightmare. It seems that either you go for vegan plastic or biodegradable leather. I’ve know canvas shoes are in vogue at the moment and I’d happily chance a pair of canvas trainers in showery Ireland but not a pair of canvas pumps – too risky! To date I’ve limited myself to trying to buy the most durable shoes I can find in an effort to buy less shoes overall but this blog post has introduced me to some really stunning options that I’m keen to road test in the future. I would prefer though, to buy.

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Mesmerising Naturally Coloured Homemade Pasta

homemade star pasta by Salty Seattle

I am completely blown away by the skill of the amazing Linda Miller Nicholson, a mum from Seattle who dyes her own pasta with natural colours creating edible works of art. I think these would make amazing presents if you were able to get the hand of them, plus the ingredients aren’t expensive so what have you go to lose.

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Baby Buying – What you DON’T need

organic wooden frog rattle

I must have liked some baby stuff recently because Google and Facebook keep showing me ads for baby stuff at the moment. This reminded me of just how much crap i accumulated in the run up to my first baby, most of which was completely unnecessary and took me ages to dispose of in a sustainable manner.

Here is my list of all the stuff you DON’T have to buy in preparation for your bundle of joy.

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