Wool Pillows – Updated 19th Dec 2018

Baavet wool duvets and pillows

Delighted to finally get my hands on a Baavet wool filled pillow. I’ve heard great things about these from friends and wanted to replace my now decrepid hollowfibre with a healthier, biodegradable alternative.


  • don’t use chemicals on the wool or bleach their wool
  • don’t bond their wool to polymers nor use a polypropylene inter liner.
  • use wool from Irish farmers.
  • use the finest quality 250 thread count cotton covers, which is then put through a calendaring heat process to make it completely fibre proof, meaning the wool fibres can’t escape.
  • wool is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant


The pillow cost me 55euro at the Ideal Homes exhibition, which I got a free ticket to. Time to save up for my wool duvet now!

Update: I was really disappointed that my wool filled pillow had become very lumpy by April 2018. I had washed it in a large capacity washing machine and dried it in a large dryer at the launderettes along with some feather pillows. We’ve had no issue with our feather pillows from M&S going lumpy. I was all ready to compostable it when I was told by a fellow Facebooker that I needed to open up the pillow and tease the wool apart and it’d be as good as new. I’ll update this post once I’ve bdone that.


PS – a less expensive biodegradable alternative to wool pillows are duck and feather pillows in a cotton cover. I have previously bought Duck Feather and Down pillows from M&S (2 for 40euro), who sourced feathers from ethical suppliers that don’t engage in the plucking of feathers from live birds!


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