What to recycle / donate where? – Updated 2nd August 2017

Upcycled Furniture by Zoe Murphy

Your local recycling centre will take a lot of items for recycling but for those tricky items here are a list of other places to try. Remember though, it’s always better to repair or reuse your own goods than to recycle it if possible.





Computers etc

  • Camara, Dublin 20
  • Recycle IT, Dublin 22




Gardening Equipment / Plant Pots

  • Local community garden
  • Local horticultural college




Duvets & Bedlinen

  • Animal Shelters such as Dogs Trust. (phone before delivering just to check they still take them)


Worn-out Clothes

  • Liberties Recycling in Dublin 2 take worn out clothes and convert them into rags for use in industry.
  • Worn out tights (pantyhose) can be sent to Swedish Stockings who will reply with a voucher off their products.
  • Some charity shops will accept worn out clothing to sell to ‘rag’ companies


Worn-out Shoes

  • Sometimes Clarke’s store have bins where you can donate worn-out shoes



  • The Cancer Society’s Clothes bins
  • Smalls for All (By Post to UK based charity)



  • Women’s Refuges






You can also try giving away or  selling unwanted stuff on websites like


4 thoughts on “What to recycle / donate where? – Updated 2nd August 2017

  1. I didn’t know the cancer society took bras, I’ve never seen any bins. I want to get rid of some bras, and was planning on posting them to Smalls For All but I will have another look in the cancer soc shop 🙂


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