Hallowe’en Paper Masks for Kids

Hallowe'en masks for kids


Not up to the effort of making an entire Hallowe’en costume? Well paper masks are a great way low-waste way to create a costume. These cute ones are available to download for free for personal use from Mr Printable

Dead of the dead cat mask

Or how about this delightful ‘day of the dead’ paper cat mask from Happy Thoughts, which can currently be downloaded for free.

animal paper masks for kids

Happy Thoughts also have cute dog, panda, tiger, bear, bunny, koala, owl, deer, cat and fox masks that you can download for $5.

printable animal masks by Illi Style

or how about these adorable animal mask from Illi Style? Also available for free download

Lucha Libre paper masks for kids

or maybe wrestling is your thing, if so these cool Lucha Libre masks from Happy Thoughts are available for free download.

magical maks

and if you prefer something more magical check out these mythical masks on Smallful which cost $10 for the 4 templates shown.

If none of these masks there’s a ton more on Etsy.





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