Do-able Hallowe’en Makeup Ideas

doll makeup

This is my last Hallowe’en post, i promise! As you can probably tell by now I looooovvvveee Hallowe’en. I think it’s because it’s the only time I dress up and because I’m on a low-waste buzz i like to use make-up i already own to create my costume. This year I’m loving this create this creepy doll face , although I’m not sure I’ll get away with it at my age!

half skeleton face

how about a hint of a darker side with this pared-back skeleton face. Source: weloveit

half skeleton make up

or for the more adventurous there’s this half skeleton from Roxxsaurus. Find out how to create this look in this video.

sugar skull make up

Sugar skull decoration is all over the place this year. This is a simple but effective version by Kelsey Thomas.


or maybe you really want to give your trick or treaters a fright this year with a bloodstained look.

Skeleton Cut Out T-shirt

And if you have the time, how about a DIY skeleton t-shirt

Skull cut out t-shirt

or you could team up your Hallowe’en face with a creepy creepy skull top made from an old black t-shirt





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