Why Bottle Deposit Schemes are a Missed Opportunity

This post started out as a rant, by me, in the Zero Waste Ireland Facebook group, but I feel so vexed about the confusion surrounding this issue I felt it warranted a blog post too. The much-lauded bottle deposit scheme that has just been introduced in England and proposed for here is a fantastic anti-litter […]

Sustainable Ethical Weddings – Updated 4th April 2018

I have a confession to make; my guilty pleasure is the TV programme ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. I don’t know why, buying a really expensive dress to wear for one day is the height of single-use consumerism. Maybe it’s just the silliness of it all. It’s pure escapism, and for someone who’s uber pragmatic […]

Sustainable Breaks, Home & Abroad

This time last week Ireland was in the grip of a once-in-forty-years weather event. A cold front from Siberia called the ‘Beast from the East’ joined forces with storm Emma, bringing blustery winds, lots of snow, zero visibility and -15 degree wind chill. Fortunately no one died during the storm, primarily because of the advance […]