Creating Unique Timeless Interiors on a Shoestring

This post is based on the talk that I gave at the Love Your Home show in Citywest last weekend. It’s accompanied by some Pinterest Interior Design boards that I create, which I’ll continue to add to as I find new inspired ideas. You can also listen to an audio version (47 mins) of this […]

Sustainable Ethical Interiors – Bathrooms, Updated 28th Jan 2019

If you’d like to listen to an audio version of this file click here (15 minutes long) So, I accidentally published this early. Then realising my error I took it down but seeing as of my subscribers have it in their email I thought it made sense to put it online again. I try to […]

Sustainable Ethical Interiors – Bedrooms, Updated 16th Feb 2019

I’m ignoring the big C word today. I’ve had enough of it and all that goes with it. Mentally i’m already at New Years Eve, my favourite day of the whole holiday period. I know a lot of people hate New Year’s Eve but I love the optimism surrounding a new year. The clean break, […]