Sustainable Living Supports – Update 25th Oct 2019

You’ll find an audio version of this blog post on my Soundcloud account. I’m having a lovely quiet week, which is most welcome after last week’s hectic schedule, not that I’m complaining, it was all good. It started on Monday with filming for an Irish TV programme called Nationwide. It’s like a round-up of cultural […]

Sustainable Living Welcome Pack

Photo: Alan Betson Hello to all the new subscribers to the blog, particularly Fathers given the day that’s in it. You’re most welcome. I hope you find it an useful and enjoyable way to find out how to live more sustainably in Ireland. I publish a blog post every two weeks at the moment but […]

Environmental Politics

Hello Living Lightlies In Ireland we’ll be electing local councillors and European MEPs on the 24th of May. Most of the people I know don’t have a clue how best to use their vote from an environmental point of view. As someone who strongly believes in the power of politics to transform society I think […]