Sustainable Living Welcome Pack

Photo: Alan Betson Hello to all the new subscribers to the blog, particularly Fathers given the day that’s in it. You’re most welcome. I hope you find it an useful and enjoyable way to find out how to live more sustainably in Ireland. I publish a blog post every two weeks at the moment but […]

Environmental Politics

Hello Living Lightlies In Ireland we’ll be electing local councillors and European MEPs on the 24th of May. Most of the people I know don’t have a clue how best to use their vote from an environmental point of view. As someone who strongly believes in the power of politics to transform society I think […]

How to Avoid Buying Stuff in 2019

I’m famous! Well not quite. To be more accurate my black bin waste is. On Monday the 14th of Jan Claire Byrne Live, a current affairs programme on our national channel RTE, did a segment on waste reduction and my wee bag of black-bin waste was held up for all to see.  I also got […]