Sustainable Accommodation – The Americas

Fogo Island Inn

The other day my husband and I were daydreaming about taking a year off and travelling. It’s the part of our pre-parenting life that we miss the most – that and finishing a hot meal, having undisturbed sleep and time to read!¬†Our kids weren’t enamoured with the idea particularly when I explained that we may end up in places with no wi-fi or pizza! So for now we’ll stick to our annual 2 week cultural immersion.

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Happy Veganuary

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. We did. The whole family, including my 11 and 9-year-old stayed up till 1 am dancing to Jools Hollands Hootenanny and toasting in the new year with organic snacks, soda and organic prosecco. Of course the payback the next day made me question the sense of this. Nothing like starting the New Year with a hangover.

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Sustainable Living – A Review of 2018

Photo by Lee Scott on Unsplash

Another year about to start. I’m soooooo excited. I’ve spent the entire day updating a tonne of blog posts with new information that I’ve been bookmarking over the past few months. I try to keep the blog as current as possible by updating posts with new info. That way you’ll always know where to go to find the latest info on sustainable living. Now I’m clear to get started on blog posts for 2019, but before I do lets see how I got on with my goals for 2018.

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Sustainable Ethical Interiors – Bedrooms, Updated 11th Jan 2019

I’m ignoring the big C word today. I’ve had enough of it and all that goes with it. Mentally i’m already at New Years Eve, my favourite day of the whole holiday period. I know a lot of people hate New Year’s Eve but I love the optimism surrounding a new year. The clean break, the fresh start. Next year is going to be the best year yet!

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Have Yourself a Merry Eco Party – Updated 29th Jan 2019

Photo by Andrew Knechel on Unsplash

Okay, so twice this week I was (gently) mocked for my waste busting ways. I vaguely recall the words ‘hilarious’ and ‘weird’ being used – in the nicest possible way of course. So apparently my efforts to respond to the the warnings of 99% of scientists, countless NGO’s and David Attenborough himself about irreversible climate change that will lead to human extinction make me crazy and a target for ridicule, and yet people who continue the trash the planet with their single use plastics and endless consumption are ‘normal’ and ‘sane’. We’ve got 12 years people! All is ask is that you put me on the spaceship with the crazy people, cause I don’t want to live in a world where denial is ‘normal’. Now onto a much more benign topic, festive parties …..

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