Sustainable Ethical Menswear

Prior to this post I’ve included a list of menswear brands in a previous post on Father’s Day crafts which I’ve been updating as I go but thought it was about time that I gave it a dedicated post, and here it is. You might notice that this blog post is being published a few hours later than my normal publishing time. That’s because it took me forever to source nice images to go in the post. I always aim to source images that best reflect the style of the brand but my god trying to find a photo of something other than a t-shirt was crazy hard. It seems that jeans, t-shirts and hoodies make up for 99% of mens clothing!

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How to Avoid Buying a Car

Arial view of People in the Shape of a Car

The most sustainable car is the one doesn’t exist. Why? Well according to the author of the book ‘How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Nearly Everything’ Berners-Lee estimates that more than making a new family car emits 40% more carbon dioxide than driving the same car for 5 years. The percentages may differ for electric cars but the principal stays the same, buying new is always less sustainable than doing without.

So if you’re someone who only needs a car on occasions why not save yourself a packet and a ton of hassle by not buying one in the first place. And even if you do need to own a car perhaps the option of hiring a car or van on occasion might dissuade you from buying second car. If that’s piqued your interest here’s are some options to consider.

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Growing Fruit and Veg at Home – Feeding & Watering

Comfrey Flowers

Okay so I’ve posted about starting seedlings and how to plant, protect and support them so now I’m going to post about how to feed and water your plants as sustainably as possible. Before I do I have a confession to make; my seedling success this year has been abysmal. I don’t have a greenhouse so seedlings grown in my house tend to get very leggy so this year I decide to grow under a plastic cloche in my garden, with the hope of better results. Well, it was all for nout. The few that did germinate aren’t leggy but they’re not thriving at all.  There have been exceptions, most notably my peas, mangetout and onions which were planted directly into the ground. The only pot based seedlings that appear to be growing are gourd seeds, but last year these were munched by slugs as soon as they were transplanted out so I’m not holding out much hope for a harvest.

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Sustainable Summer – Updated 11th July 2018

Newquay Beach in Cornwall

My daughter is constantly asking me how many days it is to summer so I have a daily reminder that it just around the corner and to be honest I’m counting down the days too. I have more free time when the kids are in school and the house stays cleaner for way longer! But sometimes the academic year feels like a treadmill of actions and obligations; sign this form, get this item, negotiate this playground fracas. The first week of July is like one long exhalation in our house. We made it! We survived another academic year! No grubby uniforms, no half-eaten packed lunches, no unending homework. Just us, together with 8 long weeks of pyjama-wearing lolling about on our to-do list. Of course we’ll end up killing each other by week 3 but for now we’re ignoring that reality and remaining firmly fixated on our rose-tinted imaginaries of summertime.

I hope your summer will too be full of rose-tinted imaginaries – to make them more sustainable read on.

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Creating an Ornamental Garden; Spring Colour

Purple Drumstick Primrose

I think it’s safe to say that spring has finally sprung in Ireland. We’re seeing splashes of colour in the garden and hearing the buzz of insects as they flitter about. If you’re in the process of starting a flower garden from scratch or need to rejuvenate an existing one you might be interested in this series of blog posts. I’ve previously posted Creating a Garden the Easy Way and shared some really clever Gardening Hacks and now I’m going to do a series of posts highlighting my favourite plants of the moment. I’ll be focusing on easy-to-grow, readily available, inexpensive perennial plants of the season, with a final post on shrubs, which I’ll post in the Autumn when it’s the best time to plant them.  I may be late with this first instalment but on the plus side some of the plants I mention here will soon be selling at a discount in garden centres!

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