My Zero Waste Journey

jar of waste

I’ve been trying to move towards Zero Waste for about a year now and I’ve learned a lot on my journey. Even though it’s taken quite a lot of research to find alternative products in no / compostable / recyclable packaging the changes haven’t been as hard as i thought. This is partly down to the fantastic members of the Zero Waste Ireland Facebook group.  The group has grown from 100 members in 2015 to over 3,500 today and I’d be completely lost without this wonderful bunch of people guiding me.

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Planning for Summer

Macro Monday in a Round Rock Garden | A Round Rock Garden

On these dark wet days summer can seem like a life time way. One way to bring it closer is to start planning for that summer glory by selecting which annuals or biennials to plant. Annuals are plants that only live for one season, they germinate, flower and die all in one year. Biennials germinate and grow in year one and flower and die in year two.

Why bother with annuals? Why not just stick with perennials (plants that come back year after year)? Here’s why …….

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Sustainable Ethical Clothing – Updated 21st April 2017

Made with love image

Is it just me or do clothes wear out way to quickly? Maybe I’m just hard on them. I dread having to replace them because sourcing ethical sustainable clothing on a budget is no easy thing. Throw in wanting to try things on before you buy and it’s impossible! I continually scoure charity shops for clothing but for some reason I never seem to find anything I like that fits.

I appreciate that everyone’s definition of ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ differs. For most of us it includes no fur! For others it means no animal derived products like wool, silk or leather but even if you’re okay with using animal derived fabric you may balk at mainstream silk which typically involves boiling the silk worms alive when the fibre is harvested.

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Natural and Recycled Rugs made in Scotland

standard green braided rugs

Being a former Interior Architect I always have my eye out for beautiful planet-positive interior products. I love the colour and texture of these braided rugs from the aptly named Braided Rug Company. Small factories have been making braided rugs in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains for the last 100 years.  The yarns are spun, dyed into a rainbow of colours, and then woven into braids. Sewn by artisans who often sign their work, the rugs are then ready to send out.

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Sonic Birthday Cake

sonic cake

I was thrilled with how my son’s birthday cake turned out this year. I’ve been making cakes for my kids birthdays for the past 5 years and I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it now. I adore the How to Cook that videos by Ann Reardon, who is a complete cake and desert making genius and I’ve learned a lot from her tutorials.

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Six Weeks towards Zero Waste

Zero Waste Shopping

Becoming a Zero Waster can seem like a daunting task but breaking it down into steps and just tackling a few a week can get you where you want to be relatively painlessly. Here is a short list of steps inspired by my journey towards Zero Waste. Every Zero Waster’s list will be different so don’t take this as gospel; it’s meant to help, if you really don’t want to do one of the steps that’s cool, everyone’s journey is different, don’t worry and carry on!

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