Sustainable Ethical Toys – Updated 5th Dec 2018

First and foremost I want to apologise in advance for the forthcoming series of ‘shopping’ blog posts that will be entering your inbox over the next few weeks. As much as I hate the consumerism that has become synonymous with Christmas I can’t ignore it. So acknowledging defeat I’ve decided that the best option might be to nudge people towards spending their hard-earned money on more sustainable, ethical versions of what they would otherwise have bought. Of course I’m not lumping you lovely enlightened people in with the great unwashed, quite the opposite I consider you disciples of sustainability spreading the good word on conscious consumerism and these post are intended to arm you with the requisite information to carry on your good work. So with that said let’s look at the whole area of sustainable ethical toys.

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Handmade Toys & Gifts

heads of 3 knitted teddies

Halloween is over so I’m feeling kinda safe about writing a Christmas post now. It may seem weeks off (7 and a bit to be exact) but if you’re hoping to make a few gifts this year you’ll need to get your skates on.  I don’t buy gifts for anyone outside of my immediate family and this frees up time to make at least one gift a year, so I’m always in search of some sustainable ideas. Here are some that I’ve bookmarked over the years, along with suggestions on where to source materials. If none of these float your boat check out my previous post on handmade gifts and Christmas Crafting.

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Sustainable Ethical Interiors – Living Room

scandi style living room

I struggled with how to write post on interiors. Whenever I write a post on where to buy things I worry that I’m just contributing to our epidemic of shopping porn. Then my brain argues that by emulating mainstream ‘buy me’ blogs I will reach a wider audience and be more successful in enticing some of them to reconsider their participation in the our disposable goods culture.

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Sustainable Living is not an ‘Either Or’ Game

wild flowers growing in a concrete lot

I’ve noticed a trend when it comes to movements. First a kernel of an idea germinates in the brain of a progressive thinker, it spreads within their sphere of influence, then crosses over to separate but like-minded groups, it starts to garner interest on social media, it gains traction and the explodes filling newspapers, airwaves and television screens. Then the backlash comes, and the media (and us) love it. A perfect example is the furore over plastic straws. Apparently some people are of the view that we shouldn’t bother avoiding plastic straws while fishing nets continue to be dumped in the ocean. I’ve long been perplexed by the human tendency to descend to ‘either or’ arguments. Of course, if you’re faced with the choice of picking a plastic straw or a fishing net out of the ocean the choice is clear but being a landlocked luddite this isn’t a choice I face regularly. I don’t understand why these two things are being pitched against one another, why can’t I avoid unnecessary plastic AND support the removal of fishing nets from the oceans?

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Sustainable Ethical Maternity & Baby Gear

baby grabbing it's feet

If you’re pregnant or have just had your first baby, congratulations. It is a very exciting time in the life of new parents and their families. It’s also a very confusing time and often there seems to be far too much advice and very little practical help. For this reason I decided only take advice from someone who offered to babysit, clean, or cook for us. If someone wasn’t willing to do this I turned a deaf ear.

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