Zero Waste Food – Sustainable Ethical Groceries, Updated 25 Sept 2018

chickens in a field of grass

This blog post is coming with a health warning. It’s heavier than my typical blog post. I didn’t intend for it to be that way but the facts don’t lie. How on earth did our food production processes get so off kilter! I’ve structured the post to lay out the stark reality and then finish with advice on what I believe to be the better option. Before you start I’d like to say that my intention is not to make anyone feel bad about their food choices. The aim of this blog is to help people do the best they can, and that will look different for everyone. So don’t stress, try your best and keep lobbying for changes that make it easier to make the sustainable choice.

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Zero Waste Food – Shopping, Preparing and Eating, Updated 26th Sept 2018

So today I gave a talk at the Airfield Festival of Food┬áin Dundrum, Dublin 14 today and apart from being a bit nerve-racking I really enjoyed it. I hope the audience did too. I was supposed to talk about food waste but the venue for my talk didn’t lend itself to listing off a string practical tips so I changed the topic to a more general look at the Benefits of Sustainable Living. Not being one to waste (zero waste joke!) information I’ve turned the content for my Food Waste talk this post. Enjoy!

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Zero Waste Food – Menu Planning

image of two dinner plates with curry on them

I’m currently preparing a talk for a nearby Food Festival on the whole issue of sustainable ethical eating, with a focus on zero waste. I asked in the Zero Waste Ireland Facebook group if anyone had any particular issues they’d like to hear about and one of them was menu planning, which sort of took me by surprise. I really didn’t think that menu planning was a thing in Ireland. I only really started doing it when I had kids and that was really just to make life easier and simpler. I was also unsure if I had enough content on this issue to write a full blog post. Well turns out I had information for three blog post, of which this is the first.

This post really focuses on dinner planning, partly to keep the post length reasonable but also because lunch in our house is a hugely dependant on leftovers and what needs to be eaten up in. I will be following up this blog with one on sustainable ethical sources of food and ways to minimise food and energy waste when cooking.

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Sustainable Travel – Our Trip to Madrid

View of rooftops in Madrid

As I write this post I’m sitting in a lovely self-catering apartment in Madrid. By the time it’s posted I’ll be back on Irish soil. My husband and I stopped off in Madrid on our way back from South America about 15 years ago and we swore we’d return. I’m so glad we did. It’s a stunning city with a laid back attitude that you rarely get in a capital city.

Sustainable travel is an oxymoron. It’s one of the most unsustainable activities you can engage it and yet we all still do it. Why? We feel that travel enriches our lives. We love experiencing new cultures, food, sights and people and it’s just one of the things we are very reluctant to forgo completely. I also think it’s really good to get out of your comfort zone every so often by going somewhere we you don’t know the locality and the customs.

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Easy Sustainable Switches

Meadow with white and pink flowers

Routine enables us to breeze through our days with very little effort and thought. This might sound like a bag thing but without it we’d waste time over daily deliberations on when to have our first coffee, where to have our first coffee, how to have our first coffee. What a waste of brain power. We have to short-circuit these decisions to free up time and brain power for idle contemplation of the more important questions in life, like when / where / how to have the first cake of the day!

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