Zero Waste Washing Up

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

A very glamorous topic for this weeks blog post but hey we all gotta do some washing up at some stage and why not make it as sustainable as possible. Before I launch into the nitty gritty of this weeks post I want to let you know that I’ve decided to reduce the number of blog posts to every two weeks. It’s not that I’m running out of things to say, heaven forbid that ever happening, it’s simple a matter of time. I’m delighted with the increased traffic I’m getting on the Living Lightly in Ireland Facebook page and Instagram account and I enjoy chatting to followers there and because time is in finite supply – much like our planet’s resources – I have to take the time that’s required to do this from somewhere else. So unless a fairy godmother or father (I’m an equal opportunities wisher) arrives and offers to take over the housework you’ll only be getting one email from me every two weeks!

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Toxin-free Home Fragrances – Updated 6th May 2019

I don’t bother with home fragrances for 3/4 of the year, we simply open the window but during the winter months our home sometimes need a bit of help to smell fresh. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you won’t be surprised to learn that the idea of spraying synthetic chemicals into the air that my family breathes is pure lunacy to me, so when seeking to freshen our air I only consider natural toxin-free options.

You can listen to an audio version of this post (complete with sneeze) here

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Growing Fruit and Veg; Design & Layout

I appreciate that I have really put the cart before the horse with this post. I really should have posted this before I wrote my other posts on growing veg but this happens when you write a blog that follows life rather than one that is planned and executed like a professional magazine. If I have to research kids clothing you’re going see a post on this, if I’ve to buy sun screen you’re going to see a post about that. I try not to schedule the posts at a time that makes most sense but best laid plans and all that …….

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10 Sexy Sustainable Lingerie Brands

I normally crop photos to a uniform size for my blog post but this week I couldn’t imagine cropping this amazing pose by model Lexy Lu, photographed by Dollhouse Photography, for lingerie brand Buttress and Snatch. What a pose! What a company name! Whoever said sustainable couldn’t be sexy doesn’t know about this company.

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Homemade Plastic-Free Toothpaste without Bicarb of Soda

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

On this blog I strongly believe in sharing failures as well as the successes, like my homemade mascara or homemade dish soap or experience with soap nuts. This time it’s the turn of homemade toothpaste. I’m being a bit harsh by calling this a failure. I actually like the toothpaste I created but my husband doesn’t and I don’t think my kids are going to take to it either.

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