Sustainable Ethical Fibres and Fabrics – Updated 29th March 2018

The whole issue of sustainability and ethics in relation to fibres and fabrics is very very confusing and constantly changing. This post started as a paragraph in a post about ethical clothing but as I learned more and more about the area it was clear that it warranted it’s own post. I’ll keep updating this […]

Ethical Sustainable Business – Fair Threads

I’m starting to hear about more and more eco businesses in Ireland, which is such a great development. I appreciate that the cornerstone of zero waste is shunning new purchases where possible but sometimes we need to replace those essentials and if we can buy from a company that is doing their bit to ensure […]

19 Sustainable Ethical Shoe Brands in Ireland and Europe – Updated 8th July 2018

I find buying sustainable, ethical shoes in Ireland an absolute nightmare. It seems that either you go for vegan plastic or biodegradable leather. I’ve know canvas shoes are in vogue at the moment and I’d happily chance a pair of canvas trainers¬†in showery Ireland but not a pair of canvas pumps – too risky! To […]

27 Sustainable Ethical Underwear Brands – Updated 11th May 2018

So guilt-free undies, do they exist? Are they hideous? Are they expensive? Well firstly i’m happy to report that they do exist and they’re not at all hideous (well most of them) and you seem to be able to get them for the same price as an average good-quality bra, which is very encouraging. As […]

65 Sustainable Ethical Irish & European Clothing Brands – Updated 8th July 2018

Is it just me or do clothes wear out way to quickly? Maybe I’m just hard on them. I dread having to replace them because sourcing ethical sustainable clothing on a budget is no easy thing.¬†We all know that the fashion industry generates a huge amount of waste and pollution, with a recent report citing […]