Sustainable Summer – Updated 11th July 2018

My daughter is constantly asking me how many days it is to summer so I have a daily reminder that it just around the corner and to be honest I’m counting down the days too. I have more free time when the kids are in school and the house stays cleaner for way longer! But […]

Sustainable Ethical Swimwear for Women – updated 10th June 2018

Thankfully I don’t have to buy a swimsuit this year. This is a task I absolutely abhor and it is something you need to do you have my sympathy. Here are a few swimwear companies that may offer a more¬†ethical, sustainable option than your high street. The first two consider the sustainability of the materials […]

65 Sustainable Ethical Irish & European Clothing Brands – Updated 8th July 2018

Is it just me or do clothes wear out way to quickly? Maybe I’m just hard on them. I dread having to replace them because sourcing ethical sustainable clothing on a budget is no easy thing.¬†We all know that the fashion industry generates a huge amount of waste and pollution, with a recent report citing […]